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Learning Futures

Imagining and building the future of learning for all learners

The future of learning starts now!

 At Learning Futures, we create the conditions to foster creativity and collaboration to enhance learning. Faculty, students, and staff experience deeper empathy for all our learners by taking part in bold exploration and experimentation within a human-centered learning environment.

 Through our Collaboratory, Studios, and Emporium, we play, fail, learn and iterate through authentic collaboration. Participants feel the excitement of positive growth and societal impact by contributing to the future of learning.

 Our pedagogy and teaching methodologies are future-focused, design-forward and steeped in our values. Our values represent our intent and aspirations and inform our work, day-to-day interactions, and guide us in decision-making for future impact.

Everyone is a learner. Everyone is a teacher.

Partner with us

We are always looking for industry partners who are at the edge of technology, university, school, and non-profit partners who want to reimagine the future of learning, and ASU partners who want to imagine, create and be inspired with us.

Experience XR

In our Emporium, you can try out our learning experiences in person at the Creativity Commons or at home using your desktop or VR headset. We also hold an in-person open house every Friday afternoon that features one of our guilds and one project.

Learn with us

We host an Open House featuring one of our guilds every other Friday. Open to any and all learners who want to upskill or just learn more about our work. 

Work with us

We hire students to work on learning futures projects and advertise all our on-campus jobs through the official website. Seach for the term "Studio Associates" to find new positions.


A photo of students engaged in a workshop with screens and computers.


The future of learning looks more inclusive, equitable and accessible.

Where learners achieve goals that are agentic and self-determined.

Encouraged by collaboration and supported by social networks.

Focused on the cultivation of future-focused mindsets.

Built by learners as the creators, makers, producers + inventors.

Rooted in responsible innovation practices.