Enterprise Technology's

Next Lab

Envisioning and building inclusive tech-driven futures with diverse learners, educators, industry, and global society.

We are a community of future-focused thinkers and creators who innovate to solve some of the world’s most complex problems with future tools, skills and mindsets. 


We envision futures that are more inclusive, equitable and accessible across the globe.

Where learners aren't just participants, but agentic and self-determined architects of their education.

Driven by transdisciplinary collaboration and exploration.

Elevated by social networks and technologies that nurture a robust community ecosystem.

Focused on the cultivation of imagination, curiosity, and play.

Built by diverse learners as creators, makers, producers and inventors.

Anchored by a steadfast commitment to ethical, sustainable and principled innovation.

Guided by the Generation principle, building sustainable futures for generations to come.


Charged with creating what’s next, we bridge the gap between imagination and reality by exploring emerging technologies, identifying future-ready skills, and activating interdisciplinary collaboration.

We accomplish this by empowering a community of future-focused thinkers and creators to imagine, build and play with technologies to positively shape society






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